Fight Night Specials

Canadian-Themed Sports Bar and Grill in Edmonton:

Welcome to Canadian-Themed Sports Bar and Grill in Edmonton, your eventual
destination for best food, hospitality and sports action in Edmonton. On fight night
weekends, our event hall is fully packed and it’s not a surprise. The excitement of the
guests is visible as they enjoy our unbeatable Fight Night specials.

Experience the best hospitality in Canada

Being situated in the heart of Edmonton, we provide the best hospitality in Canada.
Whether you are looking for a comfortable spot to watch the game or need delicious
food, you will have an unforgettable experience at our place.

Taste of Canada

We take pride in our menu that is diverse in nature and pays respect to Canada’s
food culture and tradition.
· Poutine: Crispy fries topped with delicious gravy and cheese curds.
· Steak Sandwich: 6 oz sirloin steak on garlic bread with fries.
· Crispy Chicken: Buttermilk fried chicken with bacon, cheddar, lettuce, tomatoes,
onions and garlic mayo on a bun.
· Jack’s garlic pizza: It comes with creamy garlic white sauce, tender chicken
pieces, tomatoes, olives, mushrooms and fresh green onions.

Explore our full menu and taste the variety of delicious dishes available with us

Paradise for Sports fans:

We are not just a bar but also a favorite place for sports fans. Enjoy all the national
and international sports on our big screens

Music and Entertainment:

Our stage is free for you to dance on the Canadian music and entertain yourself all

Special Offers and Events:

Don’t miss out on our daily specials, themed events and game day promotions.

Daily Bar and Kitchen in Edmonton

We are very proud to be the undeniable daily dining destination in Edmonton. Our restaurant is a daily bar and kitchen in Edmonton, where every day there is the celebration of delicious food, a paradise for sports fans and unforgettable memories. 
Why are we Edmonton’s Daily visited Restaurant? 
Memorable Cuisine: Our skilled team craft dishes that leave an everlasting impression on our customers and our diverse menu offers something for every customer. 
Warm Atmosphere: Our restaurant has a welcoming atmosphere that makes your every visit unique, memorable and special. 
Our Services: Our staff is dedicated towards providing you the top-class services. 
Celebrate life moments: We are not just a restaurant but also a venue for life’s celebrations. Whether it’s an anniversary or a birthday party or any other special event we make the atmosphere just accordingly. 
Our Diverse Menu:
Our Specials: Embrace the surprises and delights with our special dishes, ensuring
your is each visit to our restaurant becomes memorable. 
Crafted Cocktails: We provide the best crafted cocktails like Californication, Blue
Lagoon, Caesar, White Russian, Mai Tai etc. 

Best Bar and Grill in Edmonton 

We are the best bar and grill in Edmonton as we use the best quality of ingredients
and also the best place of entertainment in the field of sports.
Fresh Ingredients: We buy the fresh ingredients from trusted suppliers and local
farmers in order to provide you with the best dining experience. 
Passion for Taste: Our skilled chefs cook every dish with love and care.
Seasonality: Our menu advances with the changing seasons as we celebrate nature’s beauty and nature provides us with the best ingredients the whole year. 
Diverse Food Journey: Our menu consists of the food of the various cultures which
consists of classical food as well as international cuisine. 
Home Like Atmosphere: Our restaurant is very cozy as it is designed to make you
feel like you are at home.
Memorable Moments: We understand the importance of making new memories.
So, we make sure to make your every visit to our restaurant very special and
Customization: Our priority is customer satisfaction. So, if you have any specific
preferences regarding the diet or special requests, we are happy to assist you with it. 
Dish Appearance: We passionately work towards the appearance of the dish as the
taste and presentation both matter for the best dining experience. 
Our Creativity: Our expert and skilled chefs take the inspiration from the latest food
trends, different cultural cuisines and their own imagination which make the dishes
exceptionally delicious. 


Our restaurant hall is an electrifying hotspot on flight night especially during
weekends. With our irresistible fight night specials, this place is fully packed as
guests enjoy drinks, have mouthwatering dishes and enjoy the thrilling fight
atmosphere. Be sure to explore our fight night specials, stay updated on our
upcoming events and promotions. Thank you for making us your ultimate
destination, either for food or for sports entertainment. We will make sure to make
your every visit memorable.

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